Augmented Intelligence for Smart Manufacturing (AISM) Lab



Ph.D. Research Assistant on Building Large-Scale, Generalizable ML Models for Industrial Applications

1-2 full-time Ph.D. research assistant positions in either the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering or the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the AISM Lab are available. You will closely with industries (e.g., General Motors, General Electric) to analyze their plant/lab data, and build large-scale ML models that are generalizable to various machines, materials, and downstream application tasks (e.g., in-situ defect detection, quality prediction). The positions will also allow you to work with industrial collaborators as interns or student researchers.

Ph.D. Research Assistant on Smart Robotic Control and Applications in Manufacturing

1 full-time Ph.D. research assistant position is available in this direction of smart robotic control, which involves three elements: sensing/perception and ML-based sensing data analysis, robotic arm motion planning and end effector control, and optimization related to specific application tasks (e.g., welding, assembly).  You will tackle all these three elements and develop systematic solutions for practical application needs. 

Requirements for all positions: 1) have a master's degree (preferred) and a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and engineering, or related fields; 2) have certain background knowledge and research experience on machine learning; 3) strong data analysis and programming skills preferred; and 4) must be enthusiastic with a self-motivated, positive, and optimistic personality.

Undergraduate Researcher on Exploring AI/ML in Smart Manufacturing  

Undergraduate students who want to gain experience in cutting-edge research on machine learning for smart manufacturing applications (e.g., machine health monitoring and Anomaly Detection, in-situ process defect detection, and robotic automation in manufacturing) are welcome to join us. Undergraduate researchers will be paid $15/hour. 

Please contact Dr. Peng Wang for more information.