Augmented Intelligence for Smart Manufacturing (AISM) Lab



Ph.D. Research Assistant on Machine Learning for Additive Manufacturing

One full-time Ph.D. research assistant position in either the Department of Mechanical Engineering or Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in AISM Lab is available for Spring 2021. The position is expected to work on advanced data analytics in additive manufacturing, including but not limited to 1) image processing for thermal and structural characterization, 2) predictive modeling of process dynamics, and 3) process optimization and control.

Requirement: 1) have a master degree (preferred) and a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and engineering, or related fields; 2) have certain background knowledge and research experience on machine learning; 3) strong data analysis and programming skills preferred; and 4) must be enthusiastic with self-motivated, positive, and optimistic personality.

Undergraduate Researcher on Machine Health Monitoring and Anomaly Detection  

Undergraduate students who want to gain experience in cutting-edge research on machine learning for machine (e.g., aircraft engine and machine tools) health monitoring and Anomaly Detection are welcome to join us. Undergraduate researchers will be paid $12/hour. 


Please contact Dr. Peng Wang for more information.